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Shipping options & conditions


The following shipping options & conditions apply exclusively to sales transactions made through this website.

Free shipping

Applies only to the continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Porto Rico) for orders over $89. Orders are sent through regular US postal services.

Shipping carrier

All orders will be automatically sent through regular US postal services, unless the buyer request specific shipping options before placing the order. Contact us first by email before placing your order. (see shipping options)

International shipping

Due to persistant issues, we do NOT ship outside the USA any longer. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Shipping options

At the buyer's reques, we offer: insurance, delivery confirmation, tracking number, priority mail, 2-day delivery, overnight delivery option, through the US postal services only. All these options are at the charge of the buyer.

Before placing your order through our website, send us an e-mail with the exact description of your order and the exact shipping address with zip code. We will send you the total shipping costs that should be added to the total cost of the order.

Then Place your order throught the website and enter the extra charges of the shipping cost in the box that is found on the page "Products" ("additional charges")


Damaged packages and Green Wave LLC are not responsible for damaged packages at the time of arrival at the clients' premises. If you receive a damaged package, refuse it and fill out a form with the US postal services and mention the reason of your refusal. Damaged packages have to be immediately reported to the US postal services or other carriers (if different) in order to benefit of the insurance coverage.



Other products

We only ship within the US