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Clay is the most ancient healing remedy and hygienic substance used by humans and animals since the creation of life on Earth. In ancient texts and parchments, it is said that humans were made out of clay. In science, they have shown that life started in a mixture made of clay and water. These statements show how essential clay is for humans and most living beings on Earth.


But not all healing clays are equal. The purest and most potent clays come from the noble soil layers*(sm), which are the surface layers of very old soils. It took several centuries for the clay to concentrate and emerge to the surface, highly nourished by the roots of trees, plants and grass, in addition to a maximum exposition to natural sunlight and rainwater. This type of clay is loaded with vital energy, which provides powerful healing and rejuvenating properties.


Clay from noble soil layers are also the purest because the most concentrated in clay (80-95% of clay versus 45-15% from most competition) and are extremely rich in noble minerals - the ones that are essential and bio-available (most clays are loaded with quartz, sand and other debris). It seems that western Europe has plenty of such soils due to ancient volcanic activities (like in Auvergne, France) and ancient sea sedimentation basins (like in Brittany and Loire regions). Because clay is a powerful ABsorbing and ADsorbing substance by nature, many areas in France have been protected from human activities to preserve the purity of the soils and waters.


Be aware that many so-called "healing" clays sold today are actually shale, which is clay-rich rocks found deeper in the soil where clay starts to form. These types of clay are often rejects from industrial exploitations, hence their lower price. Because they are shale, their purity is very poor (45-15% of clay content) and their safety is questionable due to their high content in heavy metals, quartz, sands and debris, as well as other polluants. Laboratory tests have shown that their ABsorbing and ADsorbing properties are much weaker in comparison to clays from noble soil layers(sm). We recommend to be careful with this common mislabeling - many "healing clays" are indeed no better than cat litter!


In order for the clay to remain potent, it is essential to minimally process it and use gentle manufacturing procedures. French clays used to be 100% sundried but in recent years, due to climate change, none of the clays coming from France can follow this ancient tradition anymore. They are exposed to the sun to be partially dried, then the drying process is completed in oven. In order to keep the clay alive, it is important to not surpass the temperature of a natural sun exposition and use proper heating source to not contaminate the clay. Some respectable brands unfortunately use cheap combustibles to dry their clays to save on the production costs.


At SunClayTherapy we know clay very well and we know were to find the best on earth. Our clays come from noble soil layers(sm) from areas protected from human activities. Thanks to a close partnership with our clay manufacturers and distributors, we are able to provide you with the most potent clay that exists - we have tried hundreds of clays from all around the world, to finally come back to square one, France. It was there, hardly unknown from the general public for years, secretely preserved for the clay-purists like us.


You will feel and see the difference as you try our clays. At SunClayTherapy, we know the difference and we work hard to make sure you get the real "stuff". We provide the best, that's why you can expect miracles, the way it was intended by Nature in the first place!


Our clays are pure at 80-95%; alive and powerfully active; highly concentrated in vital minerals and trace-elements; exposed to natural sunlight and rainwater; minimally processed; gently dried; extraordinary ADsorbing and ABsorbing properties; loaded with vital energy; safe in heavy metals in compliance with the European Pharmacopia Standards; edible (ultra-ventilated clays only); regularly tested by independent laboratories; never tested on animals, never ionized, irradiated or washed; 100% free of quarts, sand and debris (ultra-ventilated clays only); no fillers. Just as provided by Mother Nature: LIVING AND POWERFUL!





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