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I am Marie A. Boularand, I'm a certified naturopath and the founder of, which first opened in April 2004 in St Petersburg, Florida. It was the first online store 100% dedicated to raw healing clays in the United States. It's been an amazing journey and today I decided to partner with the Caveman's Cupboard to distribute my line of natural products online.

I chose the Caveman's Cupboard because it follows the same philosophy I believe in: provide the cleanest and most beneficial products, the way nature provides them - naked! I sincerely hope that you will enjoy doing business with my new partner and that your shopping experience will be even more satisfying.

I will continue focusing on the part of my business that I thrive the most: educating people in self-healing methods through private sessions and seminars, and developing new and effective products made of 100% natural ingredients. You will soon find those new products on the Caveman's Cupboard's website.

I want to take the time to thank each and all of you, my loyal customers, students, clients, business partners, friends and family who made this business thriving and successful.

I will still continue answering any questions you may have regarding raw healing clay and my line of natural products.

I trust that the The Caveman's Cupboard will soon become part of your life naturally!


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