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Green Illite Clay Works!

Testimonial received from: Sharlene Neal, Massachussetts.

Clay used: Ultra-ventilated green and montmorillonite.

"I have been using your green clay now for quite some time. It is effective for treating severe skin conditions. I read online that it is used in France and Italy to stop flesh eating disease. I do not have flesh eating disease but i have Morgellons disease. This disease is swiftly spreading across the US. I have found only a few products that really help this horrific disease. you can learn more about it from this web site most of the pics on there are mine. Also you can look at the charles holman site for additional insight."


"Your clay works well because it adheres to the unnatural tissue in the wounds and it also traps the nanofibers that grow in us. It helps to dry out the lesions and enables you to pull out the invading tissue. It also draws out the inflamation. My skin was almost all black on the one side of my left rear. Now it is mostly the normal color. It will stop a beginning lesion. I alternate with the clay at bedtime and Marc Neumans Divine Skin Creme during the day. He has many helpful products and is a sufferer himself.

Like most of the people who have this disease I am not longer able to work. I belong to several on line groups of professionals one of which is a medical group of nurses from all over the US. We talk weekly and share our best recommendations for products that work. I have recommended your clay there and on my blogs like yahoo's "finding one cure". This disease is recognized by the National Library of Medicine and is linked closely with Lyme.


The largest concentration of victims are in Texas, California and Florida. "

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