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Testimonial from: Nancy

Clay used: Ultra-ventilated green illite for 2 days.

How did I do? I applied a thick clay plaster (quiet thick) on my gum where the pain was. I replaced the plaster every 30 minutes with a new one and continue non-stop the all day. For the night, I slept with a new clay plaster and kept it until the morning. The abcess grew during the first day and started pouring pus that the clay absorbed. The next morning the abcess was gone with no pain anymore. I could only feel some kind of very light tingling in my gum, that's it. I continued the same process the second day to make sure it disappears completely. By the end of the morning of the second day, I didn't feel anything anymore. The abcess and the memory of it was totally gone without a trace.

Note from SunClayTherapy team: This client used clay exclusively to heal her abscess, nothing else.


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