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6-day total healing on my 3 years old cat using clay exclusively!

Testimonials from: Jon Cameron, Florida

Clay used: Ultra-ventilated montmorillonite for the first 2 days then switch to the green illite the next 4 days.

The skin ulcer started with a small hole of only half of a centimeter and reached 2 centimeters on the second day (as seen on the pictures above), pouring a lot of liquid. (The green part that you see on the picture is the clay sticked on the hair). I was filling up the hole with dry ultra-ventilated clay, up to 10 times a day. The clay was absorbed very quickly. The process of filling up was pain free and didn't bother my cat.
day-6: the hole is completely closed with a brand new pinky skin!

2 weeks later, hair has grown back. Today there is no trace of the ulcer.

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Note from SunClayTherapy: Similar results are reported for skin ulcers on humans.

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